Divine Right

Chapter 1: The Woodening

Surrounded by the insidious soldiers of the Termite Host, our hero desperately rolled to-and-fro, bashing his ravenous foes with every mighty revolution. The vermin were undaunted. Waves of the chattering beasts crashed against the slowly chipping armor of their prey. Recognizing the futility of facing the host in its own element, our hero stiffened his already inflexibly tough exterior and toppled toward salvation. Unwilling to relinquish their prize, an entire platoon of the multilegged menace stuck fast to the heaving bulk of the mighty hero as he careened down into the hive’s ventilation shaft. Whirling in an aerial dance of death, two forces collided; one prevailed. Termite bodies, time and time again, were crushed and sent spinning off into the abyss by the brutal bludgeoning of their foe. At last breaking through the bottom shaft of the duct, our Hero pounded down into the underground river running beneath the hive. He had only a moment to bob back to the surface air before the vicious current swept him down into the darkness. Slashed by icy water, battered by outcroppings, and dying for air, the mighty warrior felt his consciousness slip deeper into the fuzzy haze. And then, a light. With a sudden whoosh of aquatic fury, our hero erupted out from the underground waterway into the blinding, heavenly light of day. Tumbling down into a small pool of murky mountain water, he burst up to the surface, roaring his own name in celebration, in triumph, “ADVENTURE LOG!!!”


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