There are three main pantheons in the world. This is a rough outline of each one’s deities and their portfolios. I’ll update it with names and descriptions as I finish them.

Be advised that gnomes do not worship deities.

Northern Pantheon (Elves/Orcs)

Kai – air, animal, knowledge, luck, magic, plant, rune, travel, water, weather

Katriel – charm, community, darkness, earth, fire, healing, protection, repose, sun

Kazan – death, destruction, glory, nobility, strength, trickery, war

Southern Pantheon

Sky – air, artifice, weather

Earth – animal, death, earth

Fire – destruction, fire, madness

Water – evil, good, water

Reason – magic, rune, knowledge

Passion – charm, community, nobility

Trickery – chaos, luck, travel, trickery

Heroics – glory, law, strength, war

Day – healing, protection, sun

Night – liberation, darkness, repose

Dwarven Pantheon

Alben – artifice, chaos, knowledge, rune

Ufben – destruction, magic, madness, strength

Orben – glory, law, sun, war, liberation

Esben – healing, death, nobility, repose, protection

Imben – charm, darkness, luck, trickery


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