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Hello, everyone! This wiki is in no way done. You have been warned.

The Landscape

We’ll begin play in the middle of an expedition to the Undiscovered North. It’s not completely undiscovered, but it is extremely northerly. So, you know, bring a coat.

Of course, the hardy souls who were actually born in this inhospitable wasteland are fairly few and far between. You might want to be one of them. Then again, you may not. Whichever homeland you choose, it’s going to affect the eventual shape of your character. Everyone begins play with a free language and trait, determined by their country of origin.

The People

Prospective elves and gnomes should probably sneak a look at their respective pages before we begin; the history of this setting has played some minor havoc with their class mechanics. Would-be Half-orcs and half-elves will notice some differences backstory-wise, but are functionally the same. Humans, halflings, and dwarves are exactly the same… for now.

The Gods

A sizable chunk of the main adventure involves the orthodox pantheon, even if it’s only in a tangential way sometimes. If you try to stick to Them when choosing a personal deity, you will make me very happy. That said, if you’ve got some kind of wild and crazy Elder Evil or Space Jesus thing going on, let me know – we might be able to work something out.


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